STREAMWISE™ for Wastewater

Discover the benefits of this revolutionary new technology for wastewater treatment operations.

PROMOTES Sustainability

Enables water reuse and recycling

MAXIMISES Water Quality

Enables higher DAF efficiency and consistent effluent quality

LOWERS Cost of Operations

Decrease of labor, chemicals, and discharge costs

BOOSTS Facility Operations

Real time control and data visibility ensures system optimization and reduction of operator error.

The STREAMWISE™ Difference – Monitoring & Controlling Chemical Usage

Traditional chemical dosage is linear, due to inadequate sensors and manual testing.

It is not sufficiently responsive to changes in water quality, leading to either under or over-dosing of wastewater treatment chemicals.

STREAMWISE tests every 3 seconds and automatically delivers exactly the right amount of chemicals to achieve optimium water quality 24/7.


24-hour cloud-based monitoring

Waterwerx’s Performance Analytics Center (PAC) with 24/7 cloud-based monitoring and expert oversite provides:

  • System Optimization
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Alarm Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Predictive Sensor Maintenance

How it works

STREAMWISE™ Technology for DAF (Wastewater)

Waterwerx’s STREAMWISE technology continually optimises operations by responding automatically to variations in wastewater quality and quantity.

  • Reliable online sensors monitor DAF inlet and outlet water quality every 3 seconds,
  • Proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven control algorithms optimise system performance in real-time and
  • Cloud-based analytics provides continuous improvement insights.

This comprehensive IoT approach to DAF operations ensure the best performance at the lowest cost.