Orica Plant Liddel

Orica’s objectives were to have a reliable and efficient water treatment facility for their factory at Liddell

Project Detail

The Orica water treatment plant in the Hunter Valley NSW was commissioned by Waterwerx on 02/10/13.

Orica’s objectives were to have a reliable and efficient water treatment facility for their factory at Liddell. Essentially the treatment process designed by our highly skilled engineers at Notting Hill takes unclean dam water and by passing that water through five parallel dead-end Ultra Filtration membranes, the output is purified. Via this process, we have been able to successfully remove total suspended solids with a reduction of 5*loge.

With only 2 pumps on the water treatment plant (one to flush the membranes and one to distribute the purified product on-site), Waterwerx successfully controls the flow of water through the membranes via a PLC controlled PID loop. Through this PLC, all devices are automatically controlled and can be monitored effectively from either an on-site or offsite location.

Following the ultra-filtration cycle we use an Ultra Violet sterilisation process which is designed to sterilise any remaining bacteria in the filtered product. The water produced by the water treatment plant is then pumped into four 25 kilolitre tanks. The plant can continue to run indefinitely until the storage tanks reach maximum capacity.

Following this process has had extremely positive outcomes for Orica. Not only is the plant cost effective, but it has been specifically tailored to meet their requirements based on the plant feed water harvested in their location. Ultra filtration is a very useful process in these conditions as the water in the area contained a high percentage of suspended solids.

The highlights of this project have related to the ease of use for Orica. The plant has a user friendly touch screen interface with a password for added security. This touch screen interface provides the user with full control of the plant with the ability to monitor its status, or stop it at any time. In addition, the control system can be remotely monitored and reprogrammed by Waterwerx via a 3G router housed in the control cabinet. This makes the whole plant an extremely customer friendly facility.

As part of the Waterwerx commitment to excellence, weekly integrity tests are automatically conducted on this plant to test the membranes for cracks and leaks. To do this, air is forced into the output side of the membranes, forcing the water backwards through the membranes, leaving behind pressurized air which does not pass through. The membranes are then sealed and the internal pressure monitored to check for any cracks or leaks. We have found that this process will find any imperfections quickly and easily and it helps to ensure that downtime (if any) is limited.

As an additional safety measure, Waterwerx have employed a data logging system which allows management to view the complete history of the plant, right from the time the plant was commissioned.