Our Services

We have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction

The team at Waterwerx is very proud of our commitment to customer satisfaction and we continue to work very hard to meet, and exceed, our customer’s expectations.

  • We use sophisticated proprietary and high end design software to enhance the quality and reliability of our water treatment plants.
  • We employ a team of highly skilled engineers who work closely with our customers to create individually tailored solutions.
  • Each project we undertake is uniquely different and our customers have come to appreciate the value of our engineering excellence.
  • We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and employ clever design work to deliver superior results.

Waterwerx partners with a broad base of international and domestic suppliers Waterwerx to create reliable products and solutions with innovative flair using the most appropriate components available.

Innovative thinking. It’s what we do.

We're experienced and trusted

We are a single source turnkey supplier for unique engineered solutions. Read more.

We think outside the box

Innovation is at the core of what we do. We believe in providing tailored solutions that solve complex challenges. Read more.