Case Studies

Waterwerx specialises in exploring engineering/design options for our customers before we commit to a solution. Our solutions are innovative and responsive. We’re cost effective and are always working to minimise cost for our client. 

Click on one of our case studies below to learn more about the projects we’ve worked on.


Integrated Meat Processing Facility

Client – Integrated meat processing facility Need The operator of a planned integrated meat processing facility needed a complete turn-key wastewater treatment solution. Integrated meat processing facilities combine both abattoir and rendering (meat by-product processing) facilities. The two elements of the...
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Dry Rendering Plant Operator

Client – Dry Rendering Plant Operator Need Dry rendering plants process animal by-product materials for the production of tallow, grease and meat and bone meal. Raw meat by-product is heated in either a continuous or batch process to dehydrate the material...
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Innovative Water Efficient Building

Client – Innovative Water Efficient Building Need The building described was constructed as a flagship example of “best in class” sustainable design with a focus on energy and water conservation. Water efficiency was based on principles of water efficient fittings, water...
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Orica Plant Liddel

The Orica water treatment plant in the Hunter Valley NSW was commissioned by Waterwerx on 02/10/13. Orica’s objectives were to have a reliable and efficient water treatment facility for their factory at Liddell. Essentially the treatment process designed by our...
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