About Us

From our very beginning we have concentrated on building a reputation for being a reliable yet innovative company, specialising in the design, build and, where applicable, operation, maintenance & service of wastewater treatment plants and associated equipment. Waterwerx has maintained a focus on:

  • providing engineered solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. Every piece of equipment designed by us has been purpose built with a specific project and customer in mind.
  • creating a range of water treatment solution products that are designed for a broad range of applications, are scalable and able to be rapidly deployed.
  • innovative “outside the box” engineering thinking and the use appropriate technology to create safe, reliable, water treatment solutions.
  • Research and Development, engineering systems and operational process. Investment in these areas allows Waterwerx to compete with confidence in a range of applications.

Our water treatment equipment is built to exacting standards in Melbourne, Australia. Every component is checked and all our products and systems are thoroughly tested before a system is commissioned. Rigorous internal standards for quality and reliability are core to our culture.

The Waterwerx difference… Our reputation is built on engineering excellence and customer satisfaction